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I post several times a week, generally by lunchtime EST. I love getting comments and read every one. I rarely delete comments, preferring to give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion, even if it differs from mine. But I will delete attacks and promotional comments.

I reserve all rights, except where otherwise noted and excluding copyright-free downloads.

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You are welcome to post some of my content on your site as long as ALL of these conditions are met:
  • You must NOT use any material from this blog in any Website where there is any advertising or any other form of revenue. This content may NOT be used for commercial purposes.
  • You may NOT download more than ONE post (typically one entry under one date). If you wish to use more, contact me at almostvegetarian {at} gmail {dot} com.
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Reciprocal links and blog rolls
I prefer to find my own content, so please do not contact me. Do note, however, that the best way to get my attention is to put me on your blog roll. I check everyone who does and I love to link back, but please don't be surprised if it takes a while. I don't forget anyone, but I am battling an insanely busy schedule.

First, you need to always keep in mind that this is an opinion-based, hobby blog. Product that does not work for me, might be great for you (or the other way around!).

Second, you also need to remember that I am a writer and journalist, not a chef or other professional kitchen staff. So please take my recipes and information with a big grain of salt. If common sense tells you not to do something, then don’t do it. If information looks incorrect, then don’t take it. And please email me if you find any mistakes.

And, as time goes by, please note that some information may become outdated. Products change. Techniques are improved. Prices increase. And nutritional information is updated. So bear this in mind when you read older posts.