Chicken of the sea

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that my husband was making his famous tuna. It is so good, we have this at least once or twice a month. And, clearly, it makes us so smart.
The husband’s famous tuna
Marinade the best tuna steaks you can afford (this is one of the times where it pays to go to the speciality store - the one in the upscale neighborhood - because the steaks at the supermarket just aren’t as flavorful) in this mix:
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 2 cloves, finely minced, garlic (feel free to use more if you want it garlicky)
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce (you can use less if you are not so fond; we like a lot, however)
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • scant tablespoon brown sugar
  • salt and pepper to taste (you might not need any salt at all, but a good sprinkle of pepper is lovely)
We tend to marinate the steaks for about half an hour. More might be nicer, but we’re just not that organized.

Preheat your saute pan at medium, then drop in the steaks. Tuna is generally served raw on the inside, but paranoid us prefer it rare, instead. For us, steaks an inch and a half thick take about 10 minutes (five minutes or so per side).

You will know it is ready when the outside has a rich, brown color and the inside is lightly pink, but not raw, and flakes in easy chunks.

These days, we tend to serve it with couscous and a salad.
Tomorrow, if you are good girls and boys, I will give you the recipe for the husband’s famous spinach. I am fairly sure he ripped it off from his mother.
Amusing after word: So, of course, I totally forgot to use my new camera and take pictures of the tuna steaks so I had to look online for a picture to use and I could not understand why I was getting all these links to Tina Turner who is totally great but, let’s face it, no tuna steak, when I noticed I had typed “Tina” instead of “tuna” in my search string which is so not like me because I can type pretty well - better, in fact, than anyone I know except my husband who can type a coherent, perfectly spelled sentence while carrying on a coherent, and presumably, perfectly spelled conversation. Well, to make a long story longer, I never did find a nice picture of a tuna steak - have you noticed how unhealthy raw meat always looks in pictures taken by amateurs who don’t cheat with red dye and specially flown in sprigs of curly parsley and the such? - so I settled on the goldfish cracker which is just too cute even though it totally has nothing to do with tuna except in a very existential way and so sue me.