Food recipe: ‘Nanner, the Superhero of breakfasts

Yesterday I alluded to my superhero "jam-packed with fiber and a poop load of wholesome goodness" breakfast.

And not a person, not a single, solitary, person, in the entire English-speaking universe wrote to ask me what, exactly, was in this mythical breakfast.

Ah, shyness. How I understand your torments. No worries, people. I’m just going to go ahead and answer your question, anyway. (Proving, of course, that not only am I incredibly kind and sensitive, but I clearly have psychic powers that exceed that of a mere mortal. But I digress.)

So, I unveil for the first time out of my kitchen, the one, the only ...

1 cup of fruit
1 heaping tablespoon of yogurt
1 heaping teaspoon of flax seeds, crushed
1 heaping teaspoon of peanut, or other nut, butter, as desired
Anything else you think might be nice

Put into blender. Blend. Pour into glass. Drink.

I appreciate that this is no Jamba Juice. But at 440 calories (it's a drink; it's a meal) for an original Caribbean Passion, that’s more of a blessing than a curse, don’t you think?

Why is it called a ‘nanner?
You don’t want to know. Really. No. Okay.

It is called a ‘nanner because, for the first few years after I invented it (long before anyone had ever heard of smoothies - about the time the first dinosaurs noticed it was rather chilly), the fruit was always a banana. The strain of pronouncing all those syllables soon told, so banana evolved into ‘nanner.

Today, all these years later, it is a rare day when I will eat a banana; I seem to have filled my lifelong quota. Unless it is in a bread. I always make an exception for sweet bread.

Handy tips
  • In the winter, I tend to use frozen berries which I rinse beforehand to get the chill out. In the summer, I run naked through the farmer’s market, grabbing fresh strawberries and blueberries, and my personal favorite, raspberries, to use. The worst fruit to use are apples, which turn into a truly vile mush which l, most affectionately, call the anti-applesauce. Melons, mangoes, and other fruits work nicely, too.
  • If you can get yogurt with an active culture, do so. It is good for the tummy and good for the girl bits.
  • For some reason I cannot fathom, it is as horribly difficult to find CRUSHED flax seeds as it is horribly easy to find WHOLE seeds. Unfortunately, however, that while crushed seeds are God’s little scrub brush, helping to clean out the works, whole seeds just dance right through your system, contributing not at all to moving any load other than their own. Which means, you must have crushed seeds. The solution? Before you put anything else into your blender, drop in the seeds and give them a quick whir.
  • Nut butters stick to the ribs nicely - which means you feel nicely satisfied - and are loaded with all sorts of wholesome goodness,(such as all these goodies in peanut butter). But they are also highly caloric with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter clocking in at 188 calories. So you have to decide for yourself. One note: When I use peanut butter, I always get it at the health food store, but only because I like to watch the grinding machine poo out the peanut butter. It gives me a sophomoric giggle.
  • I’ve been known (the neighbors are most certainly whispering) to add all sorts of additional goodies, such as wheat germ. These days, I’m debating about adding pumpkin. But while I adore it in pie and bread, I’m not sure it would work in a ‘nanner.
What are you not telling us?
Between my morning ‘nanner, juice, tea, and glass of water, I get really excited whenever I see a sign that says Wet Floor. Temptation is everywhere.