Is high fructose corn syrup a healthy choice? Oprah's friend, Bob Greene, seems to think so

Dear Bob,

We think it is great what you are doing - giving lots of good advice on the Oprah show and even helping Oprah look great.

And we would like to wish you the very best success with your new book. But we can't.

Bob, your book promotes Unilever products, such as the new salad spritzers. Every single one of those spritzers contains high fructose corn syrup. Isn't this stuff essentially sugar ("Other highly refined sugars to be avoided include turbinado sugar, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup")? And isn't this about the last thing you want to be pumping onto your nice, healthy salad?

We think it is really handy that you suggest specific products, but is high fructose corn syrup really an ingredient you choose to include in the "healthy choices" you say you stand for? It would not be an ingredient we would choose.

We will not buy your book. We will not buy any of your books.

Bob, we are sadly disappointed in you.