Monster mash

Well, Hardee's just announced the "Monster Biscuit," a door stopper of a sandwich consisting of "three half-strips of bacon, a sausage patty, four slices of shaved ham, a folded egg and two slices of cheese all on a Made-From-Scratch Biscuit."

Don't'cha just want to sneak up behind them, smack them in the back of the head, and say "What on earth are you thinking, people?"

Jam-packed with 790 calories (more than half my daily allotment and, look ma, no veg or fresh fruit to be found) and 2300 mg of sodium (which, depending who you believe, is either just under or way over the amount of sodium you should have in one day), it is still not the most, erm, impressive item on the menu. This dubious honor goes to the aptly named Monster ("You are what you eat") Thickburger at 1410 calories and an off-the-chart 2740 mg of sodium.

What a monstrosity.