Sweets, sweets, and more sweets for my Valentine's Day sweetheart

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the last day of January. Time to get those holiday decorations tucked away if you haven't already done so, clear out the freezer and throw away the sad and sorry remains of what was once a truly stupendous holiday feast, and start thinking about Valentine's Day.

Yes, we are galloping, positively galloping, toward Valentine's Day. So let's open the little in-box, peruse the latest and greatest news releases, and see what lovely treats companies have created to help us shower our beloved sweeties with love, love, and more love.

So, in no particular order, and with much ado ... here are the top three Valentine ideas that delighted, horrified, and amused me:
1. Sweetfields, a company in California, is releasing SweetDust flowers - candied, edible flowers which are crystallized, semi-glazed, and dusted with 24-karat gold, sterling silver, or a custom topping. The site is incredibly irritating with visuals popping up and disappearing and popping up and so on, and the flowers are certainly expensive (8 mini-roses are $43.84), but it is a terribly sweet idea. Couldn't you see these nestled on top of mini-cakes? Or, if you are watching your calories, floating in glass of wine? At least it is a departure from the dozenroseshereyougo routine.

2. KuKuRuZa has a line of chocolate and alcohol popcorns, including Chocolate Rum which is a caramel corn popcorn coated with dark chocolate that has been infused with Bacardi rum (the smallest size, a 1 gallon tin, is $24.95). It's a little, well, tacky handing your sweetie a gallon tin for Valentine's ("Here you go, honey, knock yourself out"), but it is a terrific idea if you want to get away from the more traditional box of chocolate. And if the love of your life is into popcorn, well, could you ask for anything more? Just make sure to supply toothpicks, too. You know how those wee monsters like to lodge in the most inconvenient of places.

3. Not all, but quite a few of those east coast-based White Castle hamburger joints are offering dinner-time reserved candlelight dining on Valentine's Day. Yes, candlelight and fast food, mmm. The tables will be "adorned" (adorned, mind you - this word is straight from the press release) with flowers and decorations and customers will receive table-side service. Not familiar with White Castle? Picture the same scene at McDonald's, only with much, much smaller hamburgers (White Castle is famous for teeny, tiny hamburgers about the size of your palm). I can see it now:
"Darling, how I love you. Ah, let me just get that sweet little dribble of ketchup off your ... well, never mind. I will buy you a whole new wardrobe, my tempting little minx. How I adore the way you slurp your soda, oh so cleverly through that straw. How I love you and yearn to make you ... ooops, my sweet, there goes the cheese! What fun, my little vixen, what fun, indeed."