Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

On my way to the library to peruse the cookbook section (you just never know what you will find) and get a little leg stretch, as a test, I decided to go out without the prerequisite iPod to see if it was me or the iPod that was drawing all the attention. And, not surprisingly, I was approached by an unknown male. This is how it went.

Him: Smile

Me: Smile

Him: Wave

Me: Wave

Him: “Hi!”

Me: “Hi.”

Then he promptly trips and sprawls on the ground at my feet.

Me: “Oh dear.”

Him: “Waaaaaaaaah!”

His mother (after scowling at me): “My poor baby. Did you fall down? Did you? Did you? Poor baby who falled right down on the ground.”

Yes, my only encounter with a male during the entire walk was with a precocious 3-year-old with a shock (a shock, I tell you) of carrot-red hair.

It’s good to know the attraction all along was me, and not my iPod. I still got it.