Wal-Mart stores accused of misrepresenting items as organic

Oh, now, this is just bad. According to The Cornucopia Institute, which bills itself as a "farm policy research group based in Wisconsin," Wal-Mart stores are labeling inorganic items as organic.

According to their news release, "more than four months after informing the company of the problems, which could be interpreted as consumer fraud, and two months after filing a formal legal complaint with the USDA, the federal agency regulating organic labeling, many of the deceptive signs at Wal-Mart stores are still in place."

In a responding emailed statement to CNNMoney.com, Wal-Mart said "we believe it to be an isolated incident."

Now this sort of thing drives me nuts. When we are all struggling to eat properly, exercise more, diet, make wise and informed choices, all our efforts are for naught when organizations provide incorrect or misleading information.

What's worse is that this is not a simple case of caveat emptor (buyer beware). You could be incredibly cautious - reading signs down to the fine print - and still be deceived.

And that's just wrong.