Altoids introduces their newest munch of the moment, Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints, leaving thousands to wonder "What do I do with the tins?"

Yes, m’dear, those curiously wonderful people at Altoids have taken their delightful little mints and, in a brazen dash of audacity, dipped them (positively dipped them), in a generous bath of dark chocolate giving us the munch of the moment.

A munch that makes for an oh-so-clever little Valentine's Day surprise. A surprise that fits ever-so-neatly into a briefcase, purse, laptop bag, shirt pocket, or even slipped into garments of, shall we say, a more personal nature.

(Of course, these little shiny brown pellets do tend to look rather like, ahem, well, let's just say we do insist on calling them pooptoids at our house, but this is just between us.)

At any rate, pooptoids, erm, Chocolate Altoids, come in two flavors: cinnamon and peppermint (there is supposed to be a ginger one, too, but we just can't find it, m'dear, so we simply refuse to acknowledge it). Both are scrumptious. And, at 15 calories for 2 (two, mind you, not one), they are perfect when you are craving, but trying to lose.

But what do you do with the tin once you've eaten all the little buggers?

Tin time
Ah, this is the fun part. Certainly, you can search the Internet all by yourself looking for clever and amusing things to do with the empty tins. Or you can thank me for doing it for you and simply peruse my list.

The five most amusing and legal things you can do with an empty Altoids tin
  1. Welcome to Valentine's Day. A time of love. Laughter. And the making of the sweet, sweet music. But, alas, you have no instrument? Then I will give to you an instrument. I give to you the Altoids Thumb Piano. Built to soothe the savage beast in all our hearts.
  2. She is a material girl, oui? Alas, oui. So, the fastest way to her material heart is, of course, though her wallet. But don't give her just any wallet. No, no! Give her one that shows her you truly understand the value of the monies. Give her one made from a cast-off Altoids tin. Such as this ingenious little number. What will they think of next? I dread to think.
  3. Ready to swear your undying love? Then you will need an altar to do so. An altar made out of ... you will never guess ... an Altoids tin (you did not guess, no?). Simply take a tin and a tea light and ... alas, I have stuck my fingers together with the hot glue and I am not as agile as I would like. Go here. See for yourself. And be inspired.
  4. There is no time for love? Bah! There is always time for the love when you have a love clock made out of, you know, you clever little minx: An Altoids tin! They might use a different Altoids tin to make their clock, but we will eat any number of Altoids to prove our undying devotion, all the time, every time, and incessantly. This is how much we give our love to you.
  5. But what if it is not love you desire after all? What if, instead, you fear that he will steal your heart? You need a little place to keep it, yes? Where it will be safe? Warm? Look no further my little darlings. Because once you have scarfed down those Altoids, you can make yourself a sweet little keepsake box. Not sure how to do it? A version so sophomoric, erm, simple, a kindergarten student could do it is here. Clever, no? Perhaps no. Alas.
Did not find a craft to inspire the love goddess in you? Or in your love god? Never fear, my sweets, for tomorrow I will give to you "Part II: Altoids Tins from Hell - Tins to Tempt your Inner Geek." Tasty, oui? But of course, oui. Of course!