Equally opportunity post: And now a little something for our Jewish friends

Yesterday, we told you that KFC sent a nice letter to the Pope. Today, we are here to report Subway is getting in on the religious angle. Only, for Subway, the religion of choice is Jewish.

Subway going kosher
Subway is opening a kosher restaurant in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Owned and operated by three Sephardic Jewish business partners, the restaurant is under rabbinical supervision. The restaurant offers no cheese or pork products - of course - and closes for the sabbath (from sundown on Friday to after nighfall on Saturday).

Subway going kosher, again
Interestingly, this is Subway's second kosher restaurant. They opened their first kosher location in a Jewish Community Center in a Cleveland suburb last year. They plan to open even more kosher locations, both in New York and elsewhere in the country.

A nice sandwich
In response to the news, sources close to Jared reported that he muttered a gentle “Oy vey.” The utterance can be neither confirmed or denied.