Food fight: Donino's pizza vs. the media

Well, here is a truly amusing little tidbit. Domino's Pizza, famous for cheap, delivered pizza, has got itself into a spot of trouble for putting this phrase at the bottom of its news releases:
"NOTE TO EDITORS: We love to feed the media! Call the Domino's Public Relations Department at +1-734-930-3741 to order a piping hot Domino's Pizza for your newsroom or studio."
You see, it is inappropriate to give gifts to the media. The media avoid it because they don't want even the suggestion of bribery. As a print journalist, I know that the larger newspapers, for whom I write (The New York Times, The Washington Post, and so on) are so strict about this, they have ethical guidelines ("We accept no gifts from news sources."). Smaller newspapers, however, are often battling limited resources. Non-professional outlets, such as college radio stations, may not follow a code of ethics. And I'll be damned if I know what broadcast is doing.

So a clever PR blogger got hold of this ("Does Dominos PR need a lesson in ethics?") and it got picked up by the popular blog The Consumerist, and .... fast forward to today when I get another release from Domino's and notice that this, the most recent Domino's release, doesn't have even a hint of a mention of free pizza for the press.

Easy come, easy go!