How to eat more fruit and veg and live to tell the tale

So you wanna eat more fruit and veg. Well, don't we all. To make your life just a wee bit easier, I've come up with ten super easy tips to painlessly, easily, without any weird gadgets or outrageous expense, slip more fruit and veg into your existing diet.

Here goes: Eat a salad, munch a fruit. Do ten times a day. Ha! Just kidding. If it was that easy, we would all be doing it. Let’s start again.

Ten super easy tips to painlessly, easily, without any weird gadgets or outrageous expense, slip more fruit and veg into your existing diet
  1. Make fruit and veg easy to snack on. When we bring home celery, for example, I trim the ends, rinse the stalks, and drop them into a drinking glass with a plastic bag loosely dropped on top. Then, whenever anyone wants a munch, there they are, all ready to eat. The same trick works with fruit. Berries, I store in the fridge. Apples and hardier fruits are washed and put in a bowl on the counter, all ready for the munching.
  2. Thicken soups with pureed veg. Cooked potatoes work especially well, although all sorts of other cooked veg, such as carrots, also work beautifully. Just puree whatever cooked veg is on hand and you think would be nice in your soup or sauce and dump it in. The nice part about this is it thickens your soup nicely, which means you can skip some, or all, of that fattening cream. The easiest way to do this is to always cook more veg than you need, so you have leftovers ready to puree.
  3. Buy foods made with veg. Such as spinach pasta, and foods that have veg in them, such as cornbread with corn kernels. Even little changes add up to a big difference.
  4. Get in the habit of dumping berries on top of, or into, everything, as appropriate. Making pancakes? Put blueberries in the batter or just dump them on top. Ice cream? If you make your own, you can add them to the mix. If you use store bought, dump them on top (here's a yummy recipe: Heat up frozen berries in a pot and pour them on top - you can even sneak in a wee bit of rum, for example, or other flavoring to make it even tastier). Cereals, pudding, cake ... and so on ... all taste great with fruit added to the batter or dumped on top.
  5. Buy fruits and veg when they are in season. They will be yummier, which will encourage snacking, and are probably going to be cheaper, too.
  6. Get your salad however you can. If you are not going to make a salad, you are not going to make a salad. So, instead of living without, just buy a bag of premade salad. It’s probably way more expensive than making your own, but it is worth it if you can’t find the time to make your own.
  7. Freeze grapes and bananas for a cool treat on a hot day. Yep, just pop them into the freezer and eat 'em up whenever you want. (Here's another yummy recipe: Dip a peeled banana into melted chocolate or nuts or whatever before freezing - kids, in particular, just love this.)
  8. Keep dried fruit around to munch on. This is very handy in the car or the briefcase, especially if you are trying to ward off drive-though temptation.
  9. Drink your juice. I loathe vegetable juice, so much so that I don’t want to be near anyone drinking tomato (yes, I know it is technically a fruit, but in our world, it functions as a veg, so if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... ) juice, but if you can drink this, then good for you. I will, however, drink fruit juices, but I limit this to one a day because those calories sure do add up.
  10. Be experimental with your fruit and veg. I once dropped a handful of raspberries into some lemonade because I thought it would be pretty (it was). Turned out it was tasty, too (although it freaked out my husband who kept muttering: “What is that? What is that?”).
See, it is not so hard. In fact, it is so easy that I’ll throw in an extra, bonus tip.

Extra, bonus super easy tip to painlessly, easily, without any weird gadgets or outrageous expense, slip more fruit and veg into your existing diet
Try something totally new. Most fruit and veg are so cheap - especially when compared to meat - that you can try something you’ve never had before just to see if you like it without losing too much if you don’t. And if you do like it? Woo hoo! One more healthy thing to eat.