One new product alert and two burning questions: How much caffeine is too much and where will it ever end?

Heard of Red Bull? How about Monster? (BTW, if any of my students are reading this and twittering because the subject of energy drinks came up in the last class and I was the only person alive who had never heard of Monster, I can hear you laughing.) Think all that caffeine is a good thing? So much so that we should stuff it into even more products?

Last month I told you they found a way to stuff it into baked goods. Such as doughnuts. Well, this month they've decided to stuff it into sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds: You truly can't just eat one
Let's reacquaint ourselves with the innocent (and caloric) sunflower seed. According to Calorie Connect, 30 grams of roasted sunflower seeds has:
Total fat15.4
- Saturated fat2.1
- Trans fat0
Total carbs6.9
- Dietary fiber2.7
- Sugars0.9
Vitamin A0
Vitamin C0.3

And 0 grams of caffeine. Let me make that real clear: ZERO.

Until today.

Sumseeds: Because you can never have enough caffeine
A Sioux Falls, South Dakota company is introducing caffeinated sunflower seeds. Yes, this clever, clever, clever company has found a way to jam-pack roasted sunflower seeds with caffeine, as well as taurine, lysine, and ginseng.

Sounds downright tasty, don't it?

What fine people will enjoy this tasty treat?
According to the news release, Sumseeds "appeals to a variety of consumers, especially those who engage in high-energy activities such as sports, technology, hunting, fishing and long-haul trucking." Talk about strange bedfellows.

(Oh - and when technology becomes a "high-energy" activity, will someone please, please let me know. I'll sell the elliptical trainer. In a heartbeat.)

Are they yummy for the tummy?
I haven't actually had an opportunity to taste any of the aforementioned caffeinated seeds. So I can't attest to what all that caffeine does to the taste or to the body. But I'm not worried. Because the testimonials on the site (students, you all know what tremendous value I place on anonymous testimonials) sure do convince me. Here are just two. You likely don't have the energy to read more until you, too, run (run, mind you) right on out to get your God-made / man-altered seeds which, damn it, is how it should be:

“I am not going to drink coffee in a duck blind - thank you Sumseeds!”
Dan, 35, guy

Damon, 22, gamer

Is a rose by any other name just as sweet?
Finally, as for the startlingly innovative name of Sumseeds, we must know: Why are names of products so blazingly unoriginal these days? Have all the good Websites been registered already? I just may have found the answer for you. It's okay. You can thank me later.