Part II: Altoids tins from hell --- Tins to tempt your inner geek

Yesterday, my darlings, I introduced you to the Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints. Mmmmmm.

But I also introduced you to the terrible problem of all those empty tins.

Empty tins. Mmmmmm.

Actually, not mmmmmm. You cannot eat those pesky tins. Alas, those curiously clever people at Altoids did not foresee this terrible problem. But I, I did. And I rush to your rescue with ...

Five more great ideas for disguising all those empty Altoids tins so no one knows exactly how many you ate
Yesterday, we reworked the tins for the temptress in your life. Today, we go again to the book of love, otherwise known as the Internet, to find five, five, geek-inspired tips to, once again, tempt the temptress. Ah, the Internet. She is like a woman, too, no?
  1. Is he a man or a mouse? Alas, if your little poppin' is but a mouse, then you must celebrate his mouseness with a computer mouse. Minty fresh, yes? And fit for the mightiest of Mighty Mouses.
  2. Has your 28-year-old bootie fallen for a 78-year-old millionaire? Who could blame you? Not I, my potato puff. But where your elderly little elderberry falls short, Altoids and an inventive geek come to the rescue with, yes!, Altoids iPod tin speakers. The sound might be tinny, but at least he can hear it.
  3. No iPod? Ah, love is a harsh mistress, yes? If she does not supply your audio needs, never fear, my darlings, for I, yes I, with a little help from Altoids, will come to your rescue with an MP3 player built into an empty Altoids tin. Clever, oui? Perhaps too oui. But not to your friendly neighborhood geek. So get down to the nearest comic book store and grab yourself one and ply him with Doritos until he builds it for you.
  4. If all things are fair in love and war, and if your love is a war, and if war is love, and if ... erm, where was I? Ah yes. An Altoids survival kit. For when love is war and war is to the death and you're hoping that death will not be yours and ... erm ...
  5. If you, like me, are struggling with too many crafts and not enough tins and you need more help on how to get the tins, instead of what to do with them once you have them, then this special tip is for you. Of course, you can just gorge yourself on the mints, but if you need some incentive, and if you have a curious mind (and if you are an adult, please), then go here to solve one of life's great (and rather rude) mysteries. Do not go if you are fainthearted which I, myself, am not. And enjoy, my darlings. Enjoy.
Happy Valentine's Day!