Round up for all the food bloggers who read, posted, or emailed me about the PR post: I am impressed at how much thought you have given this topic

Three days ago, I wrote a post entitled For all the food bloggers who have ever, or will ever, encounter a public relations (PR) person.

And the feedback I got - both in the way of comments and emails and even a mention on - has absolutely impressed me. So you can see how great you are, here is a round-up of some of the key comments and interesting points people were gracious enough to leave, both here, and at food blog scool where Sam, from Becks & Posh, was so generous as to post a link.

If you want to read more of the incredibly well-considered comments (I don’t want to overwhelm anyone on a Sunday morning!), or join the crowd and leave your own comment, just go here or here.
  • Kalyn says she learned about this the hard way because “the first time someone offered me a free book, I was quite wowed by it and promised I'd write about it. I later regretted making the promise and made sure I never promised again.” It takes a smart person to learn from the past.
  • Reb says “Being transparent about the process gives a reader many clues about the motivation to write and any possible biases.” Great point.
  • Becks & Posh says “I go one step further and don't even accept anything at all for review because I don't wish to be subconsciously influenced.” I’m so impressed at the thought and consideration people have given to this.
  • Lara says “I'm not sure you can hold someone in their home, writing from their own passion, to the same types of standards that you do the media.” This is very true. As bloggers, through thought and discussion and time, we will find our place in the world. In the meantime, it is great that so many people participated in this discussion, including those that sent me email messages.
  • Brandon shared a great piece he wrote on his blog. Even though it is more from a restaurant review point-of-view, the issues are the same ones we all grapple with.
  • KitchenMage says that review copies “are simply targeted advertising and part of the budget.” That this is a business is a good reminder. It makes it easier to be objective and honest.
I’m a pretty new blogger. At first, I was impressed with the generosity other bloggers have shown me. Now, I am also impressed with the thought and consideration they have put into this, frankly esoteric, topic. Cheers to you. Cheers to you all!