The Super Helpful Tip for reviving your lovely vegetables

This time of year, when it is so difficult to get nice vegetables, when you do you want to keep them as fresh and lovely as you can.

Of course, it pays to start with the nicest veg you can find. There simply is no substitute. And, equally smart, is to eat it as soon as you can. But what if you can't and your once beautiful asparagus starts to look, well, old?

Then you're in luck. May I offer for your assistance:

The Super Helpful Tip
You can refresh your veg much like you refresh your flowers: By snipping off the ends and standing them in a glass of water in the fridge. It doesn't work for all veg, but it does help veg with a stalk - asparagus and broccoli and even celery - regain their lost shape and crispness.

And, even better, it makes it so handy to grab and munch (in the case of the celery) or grab and cook (asparagus and broccoli). And we're all for a long life filled with convenience.