Upsy daisy

So I go to yoga class and ask the instructor if there were any poses that were especially good for headaches. She suggested I wrap a towel around my head. I said I would, but every time I did I walked into walls.

I’m sure I frighten the woman.

But, actually, it is not the headache that plagues me most. It is the occasional nausea that comes along for the ride. And that’s what this post is about. Nausea and how to deal with it.

There are quite a few things that can help. Bland foods. Small, but frequent, meals (the idea is to always have some food in your tummy). Crackers. And so on.

But, for me, the answer is always ginger; it works instantly and consistently. (And by instantly, I'm not kidding. Think, as in seconds, it is that good.)

Now, I’m not a doctor. So, of course, you should get advice from your physician and not a faceless person on the Internet. But, once you get the okay to try ginger, I do have five good ways to enjoy it.

Yum Yum Ginger
  1. Ginger ale. Remember when you had an upset tum as a kid and your mum gave you warm, flat ginger ale? It worked, didn’t it? Every time. Well, if it worked then, it should work now. Besides, it tastes good.
  2. Candied ginger. Your health food store should have some. Bulk food stores often have it, too. Beware of the taste: It is a combination of a very sweet exterior with a sharp, spicy-sweet gingery interior. I’m not particularly fond, but I have friends who adore the stuff.
  3. Tisane. A tisane is sort of like a tea, except it is made with herbs or spices or flower or fruits (as opposed to tea leaves). You can make your own by seeping grated, fresh ginger in hot water for 5 minutes, then straining out the ginger and adding a squirt of honey and, if you like, a squeeze of fresh lemon. If this is too much work (and with a headache, it may very well be), then scout out some premade ginger tisane at your health food store and be sure to keep a packet or two on hand.
  4. Ginger capsules. Again, your health food store should be able to help you here. Just be sure to read the label for usage instructions.
  5. Ginger cookies, such as the traditional gingersnaps or a gingerbread man. If you can bear to eat, a few cookies might do the trick. If not, perhaps ginger hard candies. Suck one or two and see if that helps.
Unfortunately, what I use you cannot get in the U.S.: Gravol ginger lozenges. These are soft ginger candies that work for me, without fail, each and every time. Instantaneously. And they taste good.

Which is more than I can say for the towel idea.