The world's fastest, tastiest, low-fat dessert: Strawberries and cheese. But not just any cheese. Oh no!

Quark. Lemon quark, to be exact. Although you can get it just as plain old quark. But why would you when a lemon variety is available? Why would anyone?

What is Quark?
Quark is a soft, spreadable European cheese (think crème fraîche meets ricotta, sorta) with a gently tangy taste. What makes it special - beyond the fact that it is so darn tasty - is that it has a low fat content (think 10%, give or take, for the plain variety, although there are some varieties and flavors which could be higher, so do read the label).

I understand it is low-fat
Why, yes. Yes it is. You just asked, even though I just told you, so I would bold "low-fat" so the people who browse the posts would note this important fact, didn't you? Shameless.

And where does the lemon come in?
While you can buy Quark plain, you can also get it flavored. Our favorite flavor is lemon. The version we buy adds the lemon in the form of lemon curd. As far as we are concerned, you can put lemon curd on shoe leather and we would eat it. This tells you either we are not discriminating or we love lemon. We're hoping you're go for the latter.

Where do you get it?
We buy it at our farmer's market. So I recommend you try there. Failing that, a good speciality store (cheese, for example, or quality health food store) or upscale or European grocer (it is a central European cheese) might have it.

How long does it last?
In the real world, anywhere from a few days to a week after opening. In our house, a day. Max.

Okay. I got me a tub. Now what do I do with it?
First, get naked. Then, get a cheese spreader and ... oh, no, sorry. Wrong blog. Ahem. We like it best as a dip for the sweetest, juiciest strawberries we can find (and, these days, we are finding tons of them). If we ever run out of strawberries before we finish the Quark, we would try it on the next most obvious item: Bread. But this hasn't happened, yet, so it is an untested theory.

So do you have a recipe for serving Quark?
Of course! Place a heaping tablespoonful of Quark on a sweet dessert plate with a handful of the juiciest, most scrumptious strawberries artfully arranged next to it. Got a spring of mint nearby? By all means, place a few delicate leaves next to, or in, the Quark. A curl of lemon peel? So pretty on one side. A wee shortbread cookie or two? Add away.

This works for everyone, by the way, except my husband. He likes to empty the tub of Quark into a cereal bowl (saves on time going back to the kitchen to get more) with as many strawberries as can fit dumped on top of it. His favorite way to enjoy this is to munch away while watching TV, playing on his laptop, and reading his Pocket PC. Simultaneously.

(FYI, Quark washes out of shirts like a dream.)

Can I make my own Quark?
According to this Website, you can. If you try, let me know how it works for you. We'd try, but we'd eat up all the strawberries waiting for the cheese to finish and then we'd have none to enjoy with our Quark. It would be a losing battle.