The zero-calorie Valentine's Day

Four more days to Valentine's Day and we can either figure out now how to apply that chocolate to our hips or we can go straight to plan B: The Zero-Calorie Valentine's Day.

Yes, you heard me right. It's a miracle: Chocolate that has Zero-Calories.

Where do you get such a miraculous invention? Why in tea. Chocolate tea. (Who knew such a thing existed?)

Chocolate tea is simply black tea leaves flavored with chocolate. No more caloric than a regular cup of tea (the calories are in what you add to your tea ... cream, sugar, whatever ... as opposed to the tea itself), it's sort of a cute idea, don't you think? I mean, just picture him coming home with a nice bouquet of flowers (Dear guys, It does not always have to be roses. And if you do insist on roses, it does not always have to be red. We like pink, too. Sometimes better than red. Thank you.), a tin of chocolate tea, and if he is really special, an elegant mug and teapot (by elegant, we mean English porcelain as opposed to "Look, it has a picture of my dog on it, isn't that too funny?!").

You can get all sorts of chocolate tea. Chocolate mint tea. Chocolate hazelnut tea. Chocolate tea with rose petals. and so on. Just pick whatever you think your sweetie would like best.

Of course, if you can't find chocolate tea, diamonds are sweet, too.