Exercise and a giggle, because we all need a power laugh

Coming off the exhausting, but highly successful, marathon of veg recipes I so originally named Vegetable Food Recipe Week, I want to give us a break from food.

But I did not want to give us a break from health.

So, on that note, I've got a wee bit of light exercise humor to give us all a much-needed giggle. This happened when my husband and I were on our daily walk.
Life with the Husband: A Play in One Act
ENTER stage left: Husband. Next to him is his stunningly beautiful wife (please, no autographs). They are strolling. Just as they hit a comfortably lazy pace, a woman, clad in skintight power shorts and a matching power t-shirt, power walks past with hips swaying wildly, tiny fists furiously pumping up and down at chest height, and mouth stretched into a huge power grin. Absolutely resolute, she easily passes the strollers and EXITS stage right.

Husband turns to wife.

Husband (in deep radio announcer voice): Too lazy to run? Too excited to stroll? Power walk! Coming to a mall near you.

Wife collapses on grass, giggling uncontrollably.

Husband patiently stands by, waiting for her to recover.

Wife weakly recovers, stands with her husband's help, and they exit stage right. Slowly.