Have it your way: How to get those secret menu items from fast food joints

Now you know I am not fond of fast food restaurants - you just get a bigger bang from your buck if you go to the farmer's market - but, sooner or later, there you will be and you might as well get something you want.

Which may very well not be something on the menu.

But, no worries, because you can order off the menu. And here, thanks to tips from readers of the consumerist, is how.

Your standard fast food fare
  • Subway: They will still make many former menu items. Try ordering the "Pizza Sub."
  • Taco Bell and TGI Friday's: Both will make anything you want with the ingredients on hand, so dive into your imagination and come up with anything that sounds good.
  • In-N-Out Burger: They actually post their secret menu on their Website. But they have even more secrets than they tell, including animal style fries (think fries topped with onions, cheese, and a sauce).
Drink up
  • Starbucks: They will make anything you want, as long as it calls for ingredients they have, so torture a barrista today.
  • Jamba Juice: Craving a “Tropical Tango” even though it is not on the menu? G’wan and order one. How about a “Red Gummi Bear”? Or a “Sourpatch Kid,” “Berry Depressing,” “Now and Later” ... well, the list just goes on and on. All are off menu but available for the asking.
For us Almost Vegetarians and other people trying to eat a little healthier
  • Popeye's: Try asking for a "Naked Chicken," which is a chicken sans breading. And don't laugh when doing so.
  • Burger King: Request a "veggie whopper," which is just a whopper without the meat.
  • Blimpie: They may have taken the vegetarian "Cheese Trio" off the menu years ago, but you can ask them to make you one anyway.