Sophomoric food humor complete with inappropriate sexual innuendos and foul language guaranteed to offend (or give you a wicked, wicked laugh)

If you are not an adult, if you are offended by anything, if you have utterly no sense of humor, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, click this link.

If however, you have always wondered how they get fruit juice and you have a sophomoric sense of humor coupled with an appreciation of foul language and inappropriate behavior, then, by all means, click here.

And, if after all these warnings, you clicked here and are offended, you have no one to blame but yourself.
(On the other hand, if you roared with laughter, as I did, then join me in thanking my friendly neighborhood geek who knew me well enough to know that laughter would ensue when he shared his favorite comic strip with me.)
* * *

Food Recipes: Lots of vegetables and totally fast and easy and delicious
Enough of these shenanigans. Next week, as penance of sorts, I hereby pledge to print a recipe, nay, a VEGETABLE recipe, new and unadulterated and totally fast and easy and delicious, every day of the week. Join me as I pay homage to ... The Vegetable.