Sweets and giggles: Husband once again hitting the nail right on the head

Off on yet another of our marathon walks, we take a break on a shady bench in a fragrant rose garden and decide to split the single almond macaroon we bought at a nearby farmer's market (we just got the one in a valiant attempt to cut down on calories; see, marriage is so handy).

After quietly enjoying this incredibly delicious treat (soft as a cloud, rich with almonds, and dusted with confectioners sugar), my high-on-sweets husband turns to me and says:
"Hey, do you remember Just Desserts? Those dessert restaurants where those shootings took place?"

"Oh yeah, I do. Why?"

"Well, I was just thinking, they were perfect except for the imminent threat of murder."
* * *

Food Recipes: Lots of vegetables and totally fast and easy and delicious, The Sequel
Remember last week, as a penance of sorts, I hereby pledged to post a recipe, nay, a VEGETABLE recipe, new and unadulterated and totally fast and easy and delicious, every day of the week? Well, this week, I plan to do the same. Only this week, I've scoured the Internet for some of the very best vegetable recipes and found a weeks worth, a full weeks worth, of truly delicious treats. So instead of my recipes, these week we'll have the marvelous opportunity to try recipes from some of the best and brightest food bloggers around. So join me, once again, as I pay homage to the vegetable in Vegetable Food Recipe Week, The Sequel.