Free knife sharpening and a great (and SAFE) way to get them to the knife sharpening store and back

So the other day, my husband and I were going to Sur La Table to take advantage of their free knife sharpening promotion when it dawned on me that wrapping the knives in a kitchen towel was not good for them, for the towel, and for whomever held those poorly-wrapped knives. There had to be a better way to do this.

And then a press release from Messermeister hit my in-box. And there, in the press release, was the better way.

The Culinary Satchel
It's big. And black. And nylon. Oh my!

First, it holds 16 knives (clearly, I now need more knives), has a place to store gadgets, and has pockets for pens and business cards.

Second, it's made of nylon packcloth.

Third, it has a strap and a handle.

So its durable, well-organized, and convenient. All good, indeed. But ...

Do you need a culinary satchel?
Ask me before I went to have my knives sharpened and I'd'a said "You gotta be kidding." But now, hmm, maybe.

Here's my thinking. The Almost Vegetarian lifestyle means lots of vegetables. And where there are veg, there is a need to cut. I, personally, find I rely on my knives more and more. And I want them sharp and familiar. Even in someone else's kitchen.

So if you ever cook in someone else's kitchen (think family occasions, in particular, like Thanksgiving and birthdays and anniversaries and so on) and ever get frustrated with their incredibly dull knives or ever search fruitlessly for a needed gadget, then you might find this handy.

So should I get one?
Probably not so much for the once or twice a year pilgrimage for a knife sharpening or two, but if you cook in other kitchens often enough, then this might be ideal. At $70, it's not cheap, but factor in the fact that this thing is built to last.

And my thoughts?
I suspect this is one of those kitchen items you never think you need, then you can't live without once you have it. As for me, right now, I would use it to safely store some old specialty knives and gadgets (think holiday cookie cutters) I rarely use. But that's just because there are no family occasions on the horizon and I've already had my knives sharpened.