Garlic like you wouldn't believe and green beans and, of course, a food recipe

I remember having dinner with my mother-in-law.

“This, here, is very good, but it has a lot of garlic.”

“Ha!” I silently scoffed. I am an international woman of mystery and not only am I thoroughly familiar with garlic, I like it. So bring it on, I'm thinking. Bring it on.

“It looks delicious,” I demurely state.

“Verry garlicy. Verry, verry.”

“Yes, I’d love to try it.”

“Okay. But lots of garlic.”

“That’s okay. I love garlic.”

She puts a spoonful on my plate. I keep holding the plate out. She ventures another spoonful. I am about to hold out my plate longer, but I glance at her eyes. I see fear. For me. So I set my plate down.

I take a forkful. It is delicious. I can't breathe, mind you. But I'm loving it.

And, boy howdy, was it garlicy. Verry garlicy. Garlicy as in, I got a seat on the bus the next day. During rush hour. Both there and on the way home. That garlicy.

I'm not kidding here.

So, because misery loves company, erm, to share the good times, I bring to you my mother-in-law's garlic green beans as it was told to my husband who translated it and told it to me. You want measurements, go get a book. But you want amazing food, get an Italian.
Food recipe: My mother-in-law’s garlic green beans
If you like garlic, hate your boss, want to ward off vampires, have aspirations of being Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or want to impress an Italian in-law, then this is the recipe for you. Assuming you survive.

Green beans, handful or two for every person
Garlic cloves, depends on how many people but you can't go wrong to have a bulb in the house

Boil the beans in some water with a bit of salt. When they are tender, remove them. And drain them.

Put them in a plate. Add a little garlic*, some black pepper, salt, a little oil*, and some vinegar.

That's all.
*"A little garlic" to my in-laws is at least two cloves per person. Full cloves. In this case, raw. And "a little oil" is extra virgin olive oil. Italian extra virgin olive oil (but of course). At least two tablespoons per person. At least. We want those beans shiny and garlicy. Otherwise what's the point?

Buon appetito!