Calling all cooks. You can win, win, win with a Vidalia onion contest.

Got a great family onion recipe just sitting around? Or ever wanted to invent an onion recipe all your own?

If you do, and if it is a winner, then you can win either a family vacation for four to Orlando, Florida and dinner with a celebrity chef and television personality or the chef can fly to your hometown and cook dinner for up to eight people.

Interested? Then here are the details.

The Very Vidalia(R) Recipe Contest
The Vidalia Onion Committee (and who knew there was such a thing?) is holding their first-ever "national recipe contest."

They call it "national," but it is, in fact, open to residents of Canada (excluding those wacky Québécois because we just can't have them running about submitting onion recipes left, right, and center now, can we?) as well as residents of the United States.

Which really makes it international, me'thinks.

The Very Vidalia(R) Recipe Contest host
The host of the contest is Liverpudlian Chef Jon Ashton. Yep, that's him in the picture, above. "Delicious rings of love come to my mind when I hear the word Vidalia," says Jon Ashton. (Yes, this is a real quote.) Residents of Liverpool are also forbidden from entering. I don't know why.

And, yes, it is this very Chef Jon Aston who will cook for the winner. But no need to fret if you don't win. You still have a shot for second place ($500) and even third ($250).

The Very Vidalia(R) Recipe Contest rules and regulations
Obviously the recipe must feature the Vidalia onion. This shouldn't be so difficult because the sweet onion, which grows exclusively in Georgia, is especially nice (I have fond memories of a Vidalia onion salad dressing I had in the south). It must be original and have step-by-step instructions and, well, just pop on over to the Vidalia onion site and grab the rest of the rules and regulations as well as the official entry form. You've got until August 17, 2007 to enter.

The Very Vidalia(R) Recipe Contest inspiration
Looking for a little inspiration to kick start your creative juices? Here's a nice looking recipe for an onion tart. There are plenty more on the site if you want to wander around.

And best of luck. Y'all come back now, y'hear.