“Food is love” said one wise man

I can’t remember if I was working late or working on a Saturday.

You see, sometimes I teach writing or PR or a marketing class or two at the local college or university and this means I’m away at odd hours.

But when I came home after a long, hard session, there it was and there he was and I was really touched by his thoughtfulness.

Orange juice
Who knew such a thing could be so delightful. But in our house, orange juice means love.

Let me explain
Months ago, I was teaching class which meant I was hard at work when my husband was at home.

And when I say hard at work, I’m not kidding. I throw my all into my classes, constantly pacing, furiously listening, and always thinking and considering. This makes me a good teacher. But it also makes me quite exhausted.

So after a long, hard class, I dragged myself home, quite drained. And there my husband was; welcoming me with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

The man stood in our kitchen and hand squeezed 10 oranges (okay, he made a lot) for no other reason than because he thought I would like it.

I did. It was incredible: Sweet, satisfying, wonderfully delicious.

When I asked him why he said “Because food is love. You taught me that.”

I was reminded of this yesterday
Because, once again, he made me freshly squeezed orange juice. Just out of the blue. And he was right. I felt loved.