Food recipe: It's vegetarian, it's with a vegetable, and it's incredibly delicious

A long, long time ago - as in years, not months or even days - my husband went to a very nice restaurant in Toronto and ordered a dish which came with mashed potatoes. The restaurant was out of potatoes. So the chef suggested something else. Something similar; but different. And my husband, experimental soul that he is, said “yes.”

The dish the chef prepared for my husband was simple. Incredibly simple. But so tasty that my husband spent the intervening years periodically asking me to make it for him. And finally, last night I did.

It was a revelation.

This recipe represents everything I like best in a recipe: It is incredibly fast, incredibly easy, pretty healthy, and incredibly tasty.

What more could you ask?
Food recipe: Whipped Carrots (whip 'em good)
2 bunches of carrots
cream or vegetable broth, warm
salt and pepper

Wash and cut the carrots into quarters (cut in half, then cut in half again) and drop into a pot of boiling water. Boil until soft (5 minutes or so).

Drain and put into a bowl. Add as much cream or broth as you like (a generous handful is about right) and a good sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. Purée until smooth.

Spoon into bowls or onto a plate. Top with a pat of butter, if you don't mind the fat (I think it tastes perfectly fine without, but my husband insists on butter for his). Serve immediately.
1. The best way I found to purée the carrots is with a food processor (we use a Cuisinart). We tried whipping them with the KitchenAid, but it left them lumpy. And the hand mixer just wasn't strong enough (admittedly, we don't have a great one). You may also try an immersion blender - I should think that would work (with less clean up than the Cuisinart). Or you can just use a hand masher and mash away.

2. Cooked carrots cool down pretty quickly, hence the "serve immediately" instructions.

Interesting tidbit
During WWII, when the British had radar before the Germans, the RAF accounted for this by spreading a rumor that the British had better eyesight because they ate carrots. Now, while carrots are good for the eyes, they are not as good as radar. But, to this day, parents everywhere stuff as many carrots into their children as possible in the hopes they will have see better.

Interesting tidbit, The sequel
On the advice of his eye doctor, when my husband was little his parents would make him eat a carrot muffin every day. To this day, my husband can not bear the sight of a baked carrot. And he wears glasses.