Here we go again, a new energy drink, this one called "Socko" and from the WWE, of all places

Now this is why this drink caught my eye ...

When my husband was very little, he used to watch wrestling on TV. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), to be specific. And, of all the wrestlers he watched, the one he loved the most was Hulk Hogan.

Otherwise known as The Hulk.

As I remember the story, one day, The Hulk was in a wrestling match. A tough one. And he asked his fans to give him their power. Any my husband, incredibly sweet little boy that he was, did so. And then the Hulk did a terrible thing. He took that power and betrayed his fans.

Today, decades later, I am going to get my husband’s power back for him. And I am going to do it by exposing The Hulk’s new energy drink for what it is.

The Hulk's energy drink is a brand extension of the Socko line. Usually I like to poke fun at the shameless hype (helluva Website, boys), but in this case it would be like shooting fish in a barrel (just too darn easy), so let's bypass the advertising and PR machines and go straight to the facts. Namely, to the ingredient list. Which is the only thing that counts.

Socko ingredient list
carbinated water
high fructose corn syrup
citiric acid
natural flavors
sodium benzoate
sucralose (splenda brand)
blue 1

The site says the drink is “Made with a healthy combination of ingredients.”

Is that what you would call this?
An open letter to The Hulk
Dear Hulk,

Children idolized you. Adults wanted to be you. People adored you.

You were a role model. And you could use this great power for good. Such as encouraging children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Not scarfing high fructose corn syrup and caffeine. And certainly not lining what is no doubt an already well-lined pocket.

You should be ashamed. I am ashamed for you.

Kids and energy: The better way

I have never known a child who needs more energy. But if they do, might I suggest a nice apple, instead? It's delicious and nutritious. And it doesn't line the pockets of anyone who makes a living hitting people.