Yum, yum now you can buy all sorts of processed Kraft food items online at Second Life

Itching for a Jet-Puffed Strawberry Mallow? How about Kraft Easy Mac Cups? Or what about Oreo Cakesters Soft Snack Cakes? Kraft is introducing all these new processed food items. But, even more interesting, Kraft is now allowing you to shop for a selection of their yum, yum processed food items online at Second Life.

Not sure what Second Life is? Not sure how this buying of yum, yum processed food items online works? Well hang on. It’s going to be an illuminating ride.

What the heck is Second Life?
Second Life is a virtual world. In other words, it is a world that resides solely online. A 3D world you access through your computer and the Internet.

Activities on Second Life range from simply chatting to buying items such as cars to loading up on pornography.

And, now, to shopping for yum, yum processed food items.

How much does Second Life cost?
Individuals can join for as little as free. Businesses have to pay. The amount they pay starts at $9.95 per month.

For example, say you want to open a business on an island. The rent for that island will set you back $300 or so. That’s a lot more than an individual pays. But that is much, much lower than a business would pay in the real world. Meaning that their overhead is low, low, low. And, one can assume, their profits are high, high, high.

So are companies making money in Second Life?
Absolutely. You see, virtual money in Second Life can be converted into real money in real life. And it is. To the tune of millions of US dollars every month.

That’s a juicy pie everyone wants a piece of.

Kraft: Grabbing their piece of the virtual pie
According to their press release, Kraft will be the first food and beverage company to team up with the online “Phil’s Supermarket.”

Phil’s Supermarket is a virtual supermarket located in Second Life. Opening this month, their promotional video says Phil’s reflects “customer-centric lifestyle perspective” and offers “an engaging culture of participation.”

If that doesn't make you want to stock right up on loads of yum, yum processed food items, I just don't know what does.