Acai, the wonder berry. You'll never guess where you can find it now.

In a coffee shop. Yep, you heard me right. Caribou Coffee is jumping on the Acai bandwagon (a little late, mind you, as I, for one, have been periodically adding it to my smoothies for a year or two, now) with their new Acai Smoothie.

But what is Acai? And what else is in the Caribou Coffee's Acai Smoothie?

What is Acai and what makes it special?
Acai is a little berry from an Amazon palm tree. It is all the antioxidents, as well as amino acids and essential fatty acids, jam-packed into acai that has everyone excited.

So tell me about the Caribou Coffee Acai Smoothie
I'd love to. But they haven't bothered to list the ingredients in the press release. Or any nutritional information, such as calories and fat content. But they got the price in there, oh yes they did: $3.95 (12 oz.), $4.45 (16 oz.), $4.95 (20 oz.) and $5.45 (24 oz).

(If it helps any, I did find out that another Caribou Coffee Smoothie, Wild Berry, in the medium size, is 300 calories. But no ingredients are listed for any of their products.)

For a food product they are touting as a "... Smoothie Made From New 'Super Food'," I find it really concerning that they don't list the ingredients, don't you? Personally, I prefer full disclosure. It forces companies to be honest.

Where can I get acai, other than the Caribou Coffee Acai Smoothie?
Probably not at your local supermarket. At least, not yet. But try Whole Foods. I get mine in the freezer section in little packets perfect for adding to my morning smoothie (oh, but be aware, these are pricey little things). They list the ingredients. They don't hide.