Burn, baby, burn those calories away in less than 30 minutes a day

On Wednesday we looked at about a million snacks that were 100 calories or less (Less, you say? Why yes, who knew?!). All healthy, because I’m about being healthy. Well, erm, and eating chocolate. Which explains my interest in weight loss. But I digress.

Yesterday, we looked at some pretty painless ways to cut 100 calories every day from our diet. And today, today we’ll look at how to burn 100 calories a day.

Burn, baby burn, and lose that weight
As always, the exact amount lost depends on all sorts of complicated factors, like your weight and condition (which reminds me, you should talk to your doctor before dieting and exercising to get expert advice geared specifically for you), but this should get you in the ballpark.

And any exercise is better than none!
  • Bike ride, 15 minutes
  • Climb the stairs, 15 minutes
  • Dance, 20 minutes
  • Do yoga, 15 minutes
  • Do vigorous housework, 20 minutes
  • Do aerobics, 15 minutes
  • Garden, 20 minutes
  • Go for a brisk walk, 20 minutes
  • Paint walls, 20 minutes
  • Play tag, 25 minutes
  • Roller skating, 20 minutes
  • Skip rope, 15 minutes
  • Swim energetic laps, 15 minutes
  • Wash the car, 20 minutes
  • Weight train, 15 minutes

Losing weight and getting thin, the healthy way

Here’s the idea. If we select a 100 calorie snack over one that is, say, 200 calories, we save 100 calories a day. And if we cut 100 calories a day from our diet, we save another 100 calories daily. And if we burn a third 100 calories a day then, yes, you got it, we save 300 calories a day.

Three hundred calories a day equals 2100 calories a week. This is about 2 ½ pounds a month. That’s about 30 pounds a year. Hey, you won’t win any speed awards with that, but you will lose a very respectable amount of weight.

And, along the way, you will have learned what to eat and you will have lost the weight in a slow and healthy manner. Which, I believe, gives you a better chance of keeping it off. And that’s the true goal in any weight loss plan, isn’t it?