Chinese food imports: The news is going from bad to worse

First, of course, there was the pet food. Horrible, tragic thing, that. Now, the news is getting worse. Much worse. It's our food, too.

Let me tell you about it ...

According to the The New York Times, "In Food Safety Crackdown, China Closes 180 Plants."

It seems that inspectors in China found "... more than 23,000 food safety violations."

Twenty three thousand. Good heavens.

Horror from the article:
"China Daily, the nation’s English language newspaper, said industrial chemicals, including dyes, mineral oils, paraffin wax, formaldehyde and malachite green, had been found in everything from candy, pickles and biscuits to seafood."

And, from another article from The New York Times (thanks to The Times), "F.D.A. Issues Alert on Chinese Seafood."

Apparently, five types of farm-raised seafood from China contained "... recurrent contamination from carcinogens and antibiotics."

Now, the even scarier part here is that the seafood is not banned. Just under alert. Which means, it could, conceivably, still make its way to your plate or the plate of someone you love.

Bad news all around.