A drink to your health! The healthiest way to enjoy a cup of tea.

We all know that tea is supposed to be good for you. In fact, there are antioxidants in tea that could help protect against cancer and heart disease.

But did you know that the way you brew your tea makes a difference? It does.

Have a nice cuppa
According to the BBC (and if I would trust any source on tea, it most assuredly would be the BBC) ”The traditional way of making tea in a pot is healthier than dunking a bag in a cup, according to scientists.”

The key word here is “traditional.” By traditional, they mean a five-minute steeping time which is normal for black teas such as Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

A quick dunk, such as you might do with a tea bag, just doesn’t give the leaves enough time to impart their antioxidants to the tea water.

If five minutes is good, is ten minutes better?
Not when it comes to tea, m’dear. You don’t get more antioxidants after five minutes and, in fact, it just makes your tea taste bitter.

Loose or bagged?
The form the tea comes in - loose or bagged - makes no difference. But, as a general rule, loose tea tends to be better quality (bagged tea, especially the type you can buy at the supermarket, tends to be made of tea leavings, otherwise known as tea dust, while loose tea tends to be whole leaves).

Black or white?
And what about the addition of milk? Makes no difference from an antioxidant point-of-view. But I like a small splash, please. Perhaps with a nice biscuit.