Eat more, lose weight (and it's an almost vegetarian diet, which is best of all!)

Well, here's a bonus. It turns out that eating healthier will help you lose weight.

Here's the scoop ...

A study in this month's edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition involved 97 women with an average weight of about 200 pounds. Half went on a low-fat diet; half were on the same diet plus water-rich fruits, vegetables, soups.

And did those women lose weight? What do you think!?

Eat more, lose more
While all the women lost weight, the women in the first group dropped an average of 14 pounds while the women in the second group - who ate 25% more food by weight - dropped 17.5 pounds. (You can read more details at WebMD.)

Diet with a full tummy
The women in the second group followed the Volumetrics diet created by Penn State University researcher Barbara J. Rolls, PhD. According to WebMD:
"While the hook of Volumetrics is clever, it essentially boils down to the sensible diet that any nutritionist would recommend: lower-calories, lower-fat, with lots of vegetables and fruits."

And, heaven knows, you can eat more veg, for example, than junk food for less calories. Don't believe me? Go here for some eye-opening photos.

The almost vegetarian diet
Now, while this is not a vegetarian diet, it can be readily adapted to be one. After all, with a reliance on fresh fruits and crisp vegetables and hearty whole grains, it sounds like a perfect diet for the almost vegetarian. Don't you agree?

Yum yum!