Fast food: Advertising versus reality. Can you just guess who will win?

I've been through all sorts of food phases in my life. As a kid, bologna was the best thing since, well, sliced bread. As a university student, fast food was my food of choice. Afterward, I became a vegetarian. Then I married a meat and potatoes guy and that was the end of that.

Fast forward to today. I'm learning everything I can about nutrition and living the almost vegetarian life.

But I'm not perfect. And whenever I think to slip up and return to my old ways. I just tripped across one very compelling argument not to.

Fast food: It's only a pretty picture
I was browsing Slashfood when I tripped across this site. It's sophomoric and silly, but it does have a page comparing advertised pictures of fast foods to real fast foods purchased at a fast food joint.

And the reality is horrifying.

Fast food and processed food: Bedfellows to the end
Now, this page focuses on fast food. But the same is true of processed food. After all, have you ever noticed that the food picture on a frozen food package, for example (and heaven help us if you are still eating those), bears utterly no resemblance to the food item in the container? And always, ALWAYS, the picture looks fairly great while the real food looks truly vile.

Fast cure for fast food
Fast food and processed food rarely tempts me any more. But if it does, I'll return to this page for a good dose of reality. A good strong dose, indeed.