Flexitarian's unite! AGAIN! With a book and a food recipe and ...

Remember I wrote about Flexitarian's? Ah, you remember. How flexitarian is just another word for almost vegetarian. Sorta silly word.

Well ...

It turns out we are not the only ones to be privvy to this odd little word. Yes. The secret is out. So out, in fact, that a James Beard Award winner is using the term.

There is a new book just for us flexitarians (erm, almost vegetarians, if you please). Entitled The Flexitarian Table, Inspired, Flexible Meals for Vegetarians, Meat Lovers, and Everyone in Between, it is by Peter Berley with Zoe Singer ($30).

Flextarianism has gone mainstream
Mainstream, enough, that is for The Boston Globe to review it. Sure, it's not the New York Times, but the Globe is nothing to sneeze at.

And Peter Berley is no cookbook author to sneeze at, either. After all, his earlier book, The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen, won both a James Beard award and an IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) award.

Want to read what the Globe has to say? Click here. Want to hit Amazon and buy a new copy for less than $20? Click here.

Want a nice food recipe for crispy pressed chicken/tofu with garlic and mint
Thanks to the Boston Globe, all you have to do is click here.

So enjoy the book and the recipe
But don't call yourself a flexitarian. That's just silly.

Almost vegetarians: Unite!