For everyone who ever dreamed of becoming a chef, whose kid wants to train to be a chef, or who wants to know the truth about culinary school

If you are into food, sooner or later the thought of culinary school will dance across your mind. I know. It did for me.

So I called a culinary school and asked about training to become a chef. And, boy, did I get the sales rush of a lifetime (and I've bought a used car!).

I never could wrest specific information from the sales person. But the sales person was very successful in digitally wresting information from me. Namely my telephone number. Then using it to persistently place horribly annoying automated sales calls to my home.

Calls which didn't stop, even after repeated requests, until I escalated and left a scathing message on the voice mail belonging to the vice president of admissions and marketing.

Want a real behind-the-scenes peek at one culinary school? Or want to know the name of the culinary school I looked into? And the name and number of the guy I dealt with in case this is your school and you have a ... forgive me ... bone to pick? Then read on.

A behind-the-scenes look at the California Culinary Academy (CCA), from admissions through teaching to job placement
This is from a fascinating an article entitled "Burnt Chefs" by Eliza Strickland in SF Weekly:

Admissions: "Former admissions representatives at CCA say they preyed on students’ dreams of becoming celebrity chefs ..."

Job placement:
"When Sarah, who also asked that her last name be omitted, went to career services at the beginning of the school year to inquire about part-time work, the counselor suggested a job at the Gap. "I actually left crying," she says. Meanwhile, of the 11 people who finished the restaurant management class with her husband Daniel in 2006, three went to work at Starbucks afterward, two as baristas."

And, regarding the level of teaching, well, I'll let you read the article.

Want to know the name of the culinary school I looked into?
The same as in the article: California Culinary Academy. I'd link you to their site, but you won't find any useful information. Like, oh, course descriptions. And fees. Like you will find at any reputable school. Such as the nearby University of California.

Should slime be associated with food?
I will link you to the corporation that owns the CCA: Career Education Corporation. All sorts of government agencies seem to be investigating them.

Want the name and number of the vice president admissions and marketing at the California Culinary Academy?
Sure: Bill Grady, 415-292-8239. Of course, he may be gone. But, then, his successor may be using this number. Who knows?