How to cut 100 calories every day from your diet

Yesterday we got a list of 100% healthy, 100 calorie or less snacks. Today, we’ll look at some pretty painless ways to cut 100 calories every day from our diet. And, as always, the focus is on healthy. So they’ll be none of those preservative-laden, processed-to-death 100 calorie junk foods packets here. Just good, old-fashioned healthy ideas.

After all, there is no point being nice and slim if you are stuffed with junk.

Buh bye 100 calories, we hardly miss you
If you just do one of these a day, this will cut 700 calories out of your diet every week. It’s a baby step, but if you add this to other baby steps, you’ll start losing weight and you’ll become nicely slim and, best of all, you'll do it the healthy way.

Pretty painless ways to cut 100 calories every day
  • Enjoy your coffee with whole milk (or, heaven help us, cream)? Switch to skim milk and two cups later you’ll be ahead by 100 calories.
  • Drink a couple of beers a day? Skip one and save the calories.
  • Substitute two poached eggs for fried eggs.
  • Use one tablespoon of peanut butter on your toast instead of two.
  • Eat one cup of carrots instead of a cup of corn.
  • Have one cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of a cup of sweetened.
  • Steam your vegetables instead of sautéeing them in oil.
  • Skip the sweet topping on your ice cream and opt for a generous handful of berries, instead. (On the same note, opt for a smoothie over a milkshake.)
  • Enjoy one cup of tomato sauce on your pasta instead of ½ cup of Alfredo sauce.
  • Replace one cup regular cottage cheese with a cup of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Substitute a tablespoon of all-fruit spread on your bread instead of butter.
  • Enjoy a small handful of oven-baked potatos instead of fried potatoes.
  • Naughty you: If you must have chocolate chip cookies, enjoy two instead of five. (And have one scoop of ice cream instead of two.)
  • Choose ½ cup of salsa over of ½ cup of guacamole.

lose 100 calories theme continues
Tomorrow, I’ll look at some ways to burn 100 calories every day in less than 30 minutes. Not as much fun as eating 100 calories, sure, definitely but worth it.