How to find a food label even if the food is nowhere to be found

I get food press releases all the time. And every time a release touts "nutritious" or "healthy" or even the ambiguous "good-for-you!," I read it.

And for every release I read, I am looking for one thing and one thing only: The food label. Why? Because the food label, with it's list of ingredients and nutrients, is the only thing that counts.

Hype is useless.

But, almost universally, food labels (and, by default, food label information) is missing. Which makes me very, very suspicious (after all, if the food product truly is healthy, wouldn't they want to prove it by including food label information?).* And which also leaves me in the lurch. Until now. Because now I can get food labels online.

The Atlanta-based Nutrition Systems has launched a new, free, searchable Website,, which allows you to access Nutrition Facts Labels for more than 50,000 foods.

Interestingly, the site also includes a wiki which lets site visitors add new items to the database. Once Nutri Systems verifies the accuracy of the item, it is added to the database for all to access.

It just doesn't get better.
*(A few weeks ago, I emailed every PR person from every release that had a "healthy" or "nutritious" or other, related angle and requested an ingredient list. Of all the PR people I emailed, not one, NOT ONE, got back to me. I also emailed PR people asking for product shots. All, ALL, got back to me. What are we to infer? I'll let you decide.)