How to know precisely what nutrients, from calories to fats, are in your restaurant meal

Sure, you can read a food label at the supermarket, but what do you do at the restaurant if you want to know what nutrients were in your meal?

You look at the receipt.

The receipt? Yeah! Let me explain.

There is a new receipt system called "Nutricate" that provides nutritional information on your receipt. This receipt tells you everything from the calories and carbohydrates to protein and fats in your meal. In addition, it can also provide tips on how to eat healthier, such as "Did you know? If you hold the mayo on your sandwich, you'll save 180 calories and 8 grams of fat?"

The good news here is that it is free. The bad news? You get this information after you have placed your order and paid for your meal. In other words, too late to do much good.

So while it's not a bad idea, we'll hold out for a system that provides nutritional information before we order.

Because this knowledge is only really helpful if it is provided in enough time for us to do something with it. Like, say, order something else.