Drink up: Water bottles for the Almost Vegetarian from SIGG and Klean Kanteen

The problem with being an almost vegetarian is that the mindset spreads into other parts of your life.

First, you get interested in health. Then, you get interested in nutrition. Then there are the concerns about your cleansers, your clothing, your transportation , and so on.

It's like ripples in the water: The almost vegetarian influence spreading, spreading, spreading throughout your life.

And the water analogy is apt. Because now it has hit my water supply.

The problem with plastic water bottles
They stink for the environment and they may not be so hot for us, either.

In fact, the problem with the environment is so bad that Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco has just banned city departments from buying bottled water. According to CNN, "... the mayor cited the environmental impact of making, transporting and disposing of the bottles. More than a billion of them end up in the state's landfills each year ..."

As for us, who knows what health risks are associated with plastic bottles. Some say there aren't any. Some say there are. I say, why chance it?

How to live a rich and fulfilling life without plastic water bottles ... almost
Okay, the bad news first. I have a carton of bottled water on my fridge. I have another carton in the trunk of the car. These are for emergencies.

Now for the good news: I have a brand new SIGG water bottle on my desk.

The SIGG bottles are pretty good. First, they are aluminum, so they are light. Second, they come in all sorts of pretty colors and designs. Third, they are pretty easy to find in camping and other athletic-related stores (we got our bottle at REI). You can put water (of course), juice, alcohol (oh dear), and so on in the bottle. Freezing is a no, no, but you can pop it in the fridge. Not that it will do you much good - the bottles don't insulate your drinks (although you can buy an insulated pouch).

So what's the downside? Well, the bottles are bloody expensive. The one we got was about $20. Of course, if you spread the cost over the life of the bottle and take into account the savings from not buying plastic bottles and ... erm ... chocolate? Did someone say chocolate?

Right. Where was I? Oh yes. While I love the bottles, I'm not so fond of the tops. These break down into two categories: The screw top and the flip tops. The screw top (of which there is just one type) is merely unscrewed to provide access to the mouth of the bottle. An opening I find a bit too big for comfort.

The flip top lids (there is more than one type) are a wee bit ungainly. The potion that flips up tends to get in the way. And the drinking spout does not release quite as much water, quite as easily, as I would like.

And, am I wrong here or are these lids made out of the dreaded PLASTIC?

Plan B: Klean Kanteen
Now, just because I went the SIGG route doesn't mean you have to, too. Why you can just surf yourself right on over to a SIGG competitor, such as Klean Kanteen (if you can stand the too cute alliteration and misspelling in the name and where is that chocolate?) to get your bottle. They don't have the rainbow of patterns and colors that SIGG has but, hey, if all you want is a bottle for heavens sake, then one is just as good as the other (although Klean Kanteen does offer a sippy spout which could be good for all those mini almost vegetarians - if someone does try it out with the kids, do let me know if it works nicely).

Now I have to figure out what to do about my plastic ice trays. See ... ripples.