The five best vegetarian food recipes

I've been writing Almost Vegetarian for half a year now (yeah!), and it dawned on me that there is all sorts of good information here, just buried in old posts.

So, to help you unearth it, I figured it was about time I did some round-ups of some of the best posts.

Let's start with food recipes. The Five Best Vegetarian Food Recipes, to be precise. Woo hoo!

The Five Best Vegetarian Food Recipes

In no particular order ...
  • Vegetable green curry: Snow peas and curry and coconut milk, oh my! If you like curry like I like curry, then this is a dish to try.
  • Whipped carrots: Inspired by my husband and based on a meal he had (with someone else, excuse me!), the ease with which this is made absolutely belies how truly yummy it is.
  • Baked penne with roasted vegetables: This is a Giada De Laurentiis recipe we adapt and adapt and adapt to whatever we have on hand which means it is incredibly flexible, incredibly yummy, and incredibly new every time.
  • Kale and potatoes: My new food find of the summer, kale is one of those hardy vegetables you can do almost anything to and it is just delicious. I enjoy this on those evenings when I've had a tough day and I want fast and easy comfort food. By the way, it is especially nice with a handful (generous handful!) of grated gruyère sprinkled on top.
  • Cherry clafoutis: One of my favorite desserts of all time. It is fast, easy, and if you do like the French do (don't pit the cherries first) a lot of fun to eat.
Bon appétit!