Krispy Kreme and their new multigrain doughnut: "You can taste the fat!"

Well, Krispy Kreme is welcoming a new doughnut to the fold: The multigrain doughnut.

That's great! That's wonderful! Why that's downright marvelous!

Krispy Kreme, of whom one of my students once said "You can taste the fat!," is jumping onto the health bandwagon with both feet.

Or are they?

Let's see what Krispy Kreme says about their new, new, NEW multigrain (And they're not kidding about the "multi" part. In fact, the headline in their resplendent news release is "A Delectable Treat Made With Seven Grains!") doughnut, shall we?
"Krispy Kreme is excited to offer the Multigrain doughnut made with seven grains as another great menu choice for our customers," said Stan Parker, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. "This new doughnut, paired with a hot cup of one of our signature coffees, is a great way to start any day."

Yum yum! I just bet it is, Stan. But before we blindly follow you, like the good and intelligent almost vegetarian boys and girls that we are, let's jump, skip, and hop right on past the hype to the facts. Namely, the ingredient list. (Now, you should know, I had to pull teeth to get the ingredient list. Of course, I should have clued in when they did not include it with the news release. The news release with the healthy Seven Grains! angle. Hmmm.)

Krispy Kreme multigrain doughnut ingredient list
Krsipy Kreme is making a big fuss about those Seven Grains!, so let's look at the first seven ingredients, shall we:
1. Enriched bleached wheat flour (contains bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid)
2. sugar
3. water
4. vegetable shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil)
5. vegetable oil (soybean and/or cottonseed oil)
6. malted barley flour
7. rye flour

Of the first seven ingredients of this Seven Grains! doughnut, more than half are non-grain products. Of course, the ingredient list does go on (and on and on), so there is plenty of room for those grains to fill out, later on, under the sugar and water and vegetable shortening and vegetable oil and so on for this 230 calorie doughnut (that slightly more than half of those calories comes from fat should be of little surprise after perusing the first few ingredients; nor should it come as any surprise that this doughnut also has trans fats which, as Stans tells us, are "... a great way to start any day.").

But it does make me think. Seeing as ingredients are listed in descending order (in other words, there is more enriched bleached wheat flour and sugar than malted barley and rye flours), shouldn't the new Krispy Kreme Multigrain doughnut with Seven Grains! be more accurately called the Krispy Kreme enriched bleached wheat flour, sugar, water, vegetable shortening, and vegetable oil doughnut?

Oh! But it doesn't quite have the same promise to it, does it?

But it's accurate.