New study from the USDA says all antioxidants are not created equal

It seems, some antioxidant sources are better than others.

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Antioxidants slow oxidation, a natural process that leads to cell and tissue damage." And, to-date, we thought one superb source of those antioxidants were brightly colored berries and fruits. Such as strawberries. And blueberries. And raspberries.

Well, it turns out, not all berries and fruits are created equal.

According to a new study from the USDA, certain berries and fruits deliver a much greater antioxidant punch than others. Grapes, for example, and kiwi deliver far more antioxidant that plums. Wild blueberries, which are touted as being loaded with antioxidants, required volunteers to eat at least a half a cup for any increase in antioxidant levels to be detected.

My take on this study is not that you should eliminate blueberries and other fruits that tested lower for that antioxidant punch from your diet. But, rather, that you should not rely solely on one fruit or berry for your daily serving of antioxidant. Instead, you should eat a variety of fruits (and vegetables, for that matter).

Sound familiar? It should. It's the advice nutritionists have been doling out for years!