What to have for dinner when you do not have time to shop

We all know the problem of eating on a hectic schedule: Rush, rush, terribly late and super starving, nothing to eat, no time to shop, why look!, there's a fast food place, OH I wish I hadn't eaten that.

I know. We've done it. And not that long ago, alas.

So how do you stop the cycle of no time / processed food? I'll tell you. The trick to having a healthy dinner is to have a healthy pantry. That way, whether you've had time to pick something up or not, you at least have something healthy at home.

Okay. So what should you have?

Martha Stewart's magazine, Body + Soul has a really great article on healthy items to keep in the house. Such as fruits and vegetables, onions, and dried mushrooms. Then, even if you only shop once a week or so, you've got enough goodies here to make a really satisfying salad, for example. Or a yummy smoothie. Or a fast and tasty pasta. Or, for the super time-pressured, a healthy fridge-to-mouth munch.

I tend to keep all of the above, plus a ridiculously enormous selection of dried spices, pasta, lemons, condiments such as anchovies and capers, lemon curd, rice, frozen peas and spinach, frozen fruit, soy milk, tofu, curry paste, tea, whole wheat crackers, bread, vegetable stock, yogurt, flour and other baking products (such as starter and baking soda and sesame seeds and so on), olive oil, and sea salt, and, erm, other stuff.

So, the question is, what staples do you keep in the house?