"Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon likes her vegetables on the rocks and here is a food recipe to prove it

You remember Sex and the City, yes? (Rumor has it, there is, finally, going to be a movie.) And you remember the fast-talking redhead lawyer, Miranda Hobbes, yes? Well that lawyer was played by actress Cynthia Nixon. And, it turns out that she likes her vegetables with a twist and I've got the food recipe to prove it.

The vegetable is tomato. The twist is, well, exactly what you would expect from a fast-talking, martini-guzzling Sex and the City star.

Food recipe: Cynthia Nixon's Tomato Surprise
1 cup kosher salt
2 cups cherry tomatoes, washed and patted dry
1 cup vodka
1 box toothpicks

Sprinkle salt onto individual rimmed serving plates. Divide tomatoes between small custard cups. Pour vodka into individual shot glasses.

To serve, give each guest a plate, custard cup and shot glass. Have guests dip tomatoes into vodka then into salt. (Or, if this is too labor intensive for the guests, prepare everything in advance and put, ready-made, on serving trays.)

From Tupperware Cooks: Favorite Recipes of Notable Celebrities and World Renowned Chefs, Tupperware Brands Corporation and Drama Dept.