The totally best way to organize your recipes

Now that I'm switching over to an almost vegetarian lifestyle, I find I am collecting vegetarian recipes like they were candy, erm, leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit!

And, I don't know about you, but my recipes are starting to take over the house. Why, just last week, I was thinking, "Gee, I haven't seen the husband for, hmmm, how long has it been?"

Clearly, a solution was needed. And I found not one, but two, really good ideas.

Fun, fun, retro fun
First up, Pamela Barsky retro-themed journals.

Absolutely delightful, the food-oriented journals ($30 each) range from Notes on my Dinner Parties to The Restaurant Journal to Recipes. The binders have a soft, printed cover and come with pages you complete yourself.

Now, you can't just print your pages and insert them (well, you could, but you'd have to cut them down to size because an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet would just be too big), but if you prefer to hand write your recipes anyway, then you're in luck because the journals come with their own paper. For example, the Recipes journal comes with a generous amount of beautifully designed, pre-printed lined pages which provide spaces for everything from where you got the recipe and how many people it serves to ingredients, directions, and even a log of when you served it.

Totally fun. But for those that are not into retro . . .

Smartly elegant
Long a favorite with me (my students may remember me carrying my notes in these) the Russell + Hazel binders are just gorgeous. And, luckily for us recipe-keeping types, they have come out with binders created specifically for, erm, you know.

Well-thought out (their stuff is always beautifully designed and incredibly well organized), the binder sets ($110 for two binders) have 40 die-cut recipe pages that allow you to insert printed recipes (both full page and card-size) without the need for glue or tape, 50 recipe cards, 60 menu planning sheets (which would be so handy to keep as a reference the next time you are hosting, say, a holiday meal or a dinner party), 15 section tabs, and even a page with measuring equivalents. And all this comes in a set of two funky binders, either set of one white and one charcoal binder or a set of one blue and one red binder.

Display your recipes
Now, neither option is cheap (for cheap, do what I did for years and use any old binder you can scare up - it works, but it is not so pretty and efficient). But both would look pretty inviting on a bookshelf. And both will make it much easier to find your recipes. And anything else you may have misplaced.

Like the husband.

So, if I may be so bold as to ask, how do you organize your recipes?