The five best tips to help you do everything from go green to eat less meat to stock a kitchen

Boy, have I got tips for you! From how to eat less meat and become more of a vegetarian to how to get rid of the plastic in your kitchen, I've written tons of them here. So, in case you missed some of the good ones, I've grabbed five that I think are pretty good and provided links.

Because heaven knows, we all could do with a good tip or two.

Including me! So if you want to share yours in the comment section, well, I can hardly wait!

Here goes ...
  • Yeah, sure, it is one thing to tell you to read food labels, but what if the food label can't be found? Then try this handy site.
  • Stocking a kitchen is something everyone has to do. But where to start? And how do you figure out what you need? Here are some tips to help you stock a kitchen that will last a lifetime.
  • Say buh bye to nasty plastic water bottles that may leech heavens know what into our water and that sit in landfill sites for heaven knows how long and say hello to the best alternative around.
  • While we're ditching those nasty plastic water bottles, let's get rid of those equally nasty plastic bags and whatever nastiness they may introduce to our lovely, fresh fruits and vegetables with this ingenious, and cheap, alternative.
  • This one is actually five tips in one: Five really fast, really easy, really tasty things you can do TODAY to eat less meat and become more of an almost vegetarian. If that doesn't help you on the right path, I don't know what will.
Now, what are your best tips ... ?