Global warming is irrelevant

As an almost vegetarian, I became focused, first, in the health of my family, then my home, then my community, and finally, in the health of the planet.

So I’ve been educating myself. I’ve been reading. I’ve been listening. And I’ve been watching.

Including the movie from the former Vice President Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth.

And I’ve concluded that global warming is irrelevant.

Let's focus on the key issue, the relevant issue: Greenhouse emissions
Nearly everyone, as far as I can tell, is saying that global warming, or the rise of planetary temperature from burning fossil fuels, is real. And this, in turn, is causing all sorts of problems. Such as an increase in droughts. An increase in severe storms. And the melting of the glaciers.

Now, I suspect global warming is a real and terrifying occurrence. And I suspect, if we continue the way we are continuing, that things are only going to get worse. Much worse.

Take away the debate about whether global warming is real and focus that energy on eliminating greenhouse gas
But I also suspect that those who belittle the problem with ridiculously ineffectual measures, and those who downright deny it, are so busy and conveniently focusing on whether or not global warming is real that the most relevant issue
, namely doing something about the greenhouse gas that is causing global warming in the first place, has slipped out of sight.

So I say let’s quit talking about global warming. It's not the most relevant issue, here. Instead, let’s focus on the cause of the problem, which is the key, most relevant issue. That way, we all can focus on eliminating deadly greenhouse gas, whether or not we agree that global warming exists.

Because when we stop infesting our world with greenhouse gas, global warming, too, will stop.

Help begins at home
There are tons, just tons, of things, we can do. In fact, I have a list of ten things really easy things every almost vegetarian can do in the kitchen to help. And I'll post 'em tomorrow . . .

Brand new contest
Yep. The very first Almost Vegetarian contest is coming up the week after next. So stay tuned!